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What Are The Steps Following A HydraFacial?

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Everyone wants a radiant and glowing face. That’s why a HydraFacial is so in demand. Let’s look at what a HydraFacial is, its many benefits, and the steps to follow during your recovery to ensure you achieve the best results.

What is a HydraFacial?

Hydrafacial is a skin rejuvenation and resurfacing facial treatment performed by one of our highly trained professionals. It’s a three-step process involving cleansing and exfoliating, extraction, and hydration. And all of it is done with the HydraFacial wand and the Vortex Fusion Technology

How Does a HydraFacial Work?

This facial treatment removes dead skin cells through exfoliation and rehydrates the skin by infusing it with serums. HydraFacials are performed in three steps, including the following:


The HydraFacial wand is used to deliver glycolic and salicylic acid to the skin. These acids lift and break up oils and dirt build-up and initiate the exfoliation process.


As the dirt, oils, and impurities come to the skin’s surface, they are immediately suctioned using the wand.


Extraction of impurities and pumping of serums happen simultaneously, leaving the skin hydrated.

After the HydraFacial, your skin texture will significantly improve, making this facial perfect for treating fine lines, wrinkles, and dry skin.

What Steps Should Be Followed After A HydraFacial?

HydraFacial, unlike other facial treatments, has little to no side effects. In most cases, patients have a bit of redness that goes away within a day or two. Aftercare is important to ensure that the results last as long as possible.

The HydraFacial aftercare steps you should take include the following:

Touching the Face

You should avoid touching or picking at your face to reduce the chances of infections after the treatment.


On the first day after the treatment, you should use a gentle cleanser and avoid rubbing your face too much.

Working Out

It is advisable to skip the gym a day after your HydraFacial. This ensures that your skin doesn’t become overwhelmed by excessive sweat and heat.

Facial Products

Alcohol-based toners are a no-go zone after a HydraFacial because they can irritate the skin and cause dryness. While you can wear makeup the next day after the HydraFacial treatment, going fresh-faced for at least forty-eight hours is recommended to avoid inflammation.

You should also avoid topical and over-the-counter medications, such as Retin-A and acne treatments.

Sun Exposure

It is best to avoid excess sun exposure and tanning beds for at least five days after the treatment. Additionally, use an SPF of 30 or more and reapply it every four hours.


Drinking enough water is generally good for maintaining skin elasticity and helps to prolong the benefits of a HydraFacial treatment.


Avoiding inflammatory foods and increasing your intake of antioxidants can help speed up your recovery. Increase your intake of fish, fresh vegetables, nuts, fruits and seeds.

Other Treatments

Steer clear of waxing and laser treatments for the first week after the procedure. You want to keep anything that will irritate or affect the skin to a bare minimum.

Schedule A Consultation

Getting your HydraFacial from a qualified professional like our team at Ballert Medical Aesthetics will ensure that you reap the benefits of the treatment. For more information or to schedule a consultation today, call our Paducah, KY office at (270) 767-6773 or use our online contact form. We can’t wait to help you achieve glowing, youthful skin!