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Pre/Post-Op Instructions

Instructions For Before Your Aesthetic Treatment:

We look forward to seeing you at Ballert Medical Aesthetics. In anticipation of your upcoming appointment, please adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Medications

Avoid blood-thinning medications for 2 weeks prior to your treatment. this includes aspirin, NSAIDS (Ibuprofen, Motrin, Aleve, etc.), Vitamin E, Green Tea, Garlic, Gingko, Ginseng, and Fish Oil. If you are on blood-thinning medications prescribed by your doctor, continue to take these medications as instructed. Prescriptions blood-thinning medications include: Coumadin (warfarin), Plavix (clopidigrel), Effient (prasugrel), Brillinta (ticagrelor), Eliquis (apixaban), Xarelto (rivaroxaban), Aspirin, Pradaxa (dabigatran). Toxin and filler injections may be performed while on blood thinners, but this does increase your risk of bleeding and bruising.

2. Makeup

Avoid wearing makeup to your appointment. We understand this is difficult to do, but we will need to remove your makeup prior to treatments. Although we do not want you to place makeup on the treatment areas for 24 hours after your appointment, you may want to bring your makeup with you if you would like to apply this to non-treatment areas prior to leaving Ballert Medical Aesthetics.

3. Travel

Air travel immediately after neuromodulation treatment (Botox and Dysport) is okay. If you are planning to travel by air within 2 weeks following your filler, we ask that you call to reschedule. There is a risk of complications (such as infection and bruising) if fly within the 2 weeks after facial fillers.

4. Alcohol

To decrease the risk of bleeding, avoid alcohol for 24 hours prior to your treatment.

5. Bruising

In order to decrease bruising prior to your treatment, Oral Arnica Montana pills or sublingual tablets 3 to 5 times per day for a few days prior to your treatment can help prepare your body to decrease bruising and quicker recovery. After your treatment, applying a thin layer of Arnica Montana ointment on the affected area 3 times per day can also help clear up bruising. Oral bromelain (500 mg twice daily until the bruise resolves) may also help to treat bruising. Do not take bromelain before the injection, as this may increase bruising.

Instructions For After Your Neuromodulator Treatment (Botox & Dysport)

1. Do Not Lay Down For 4 Hours

Laying down may cause the neuromodulator to migrate to areas we do not want it to migrate to. This can cause asymmetry, drooping of the eyebrows and/or eyelids.

2. Do Not Do Any Strenuous Activity For 24 Hours

Doctor’s orders – no workouts for 24 hours!

3. Do Not Massage Or Manipulate The Treatment Area For 24 Hours

This may cause additional bruising or migration of the neuromodulator outside of the intended treatment area, causing unwanted results.

4. Do Not Get A Facial Aesthetic Treatment For At Least 2 Weeks

This includes Hydrafacials, dermablading, and chemical peels, laser treatments, radiofrequency therapy, and microneedling.

5. Avoid Excessive Heat For 24 Hours

This includes saunas, hot tubs, and steam rooms.

6. Your Neuromodulator Takes 7-14 Days To Reach Full Effect

Please allow 2 weeks to see your final results. If you are experiencing asymmetry or unexpected results, please call our office for a followup appointment. We want you to be happy with your treatment and may be able to correct many unwanted results.

7. What If My Results Are Not Lasting 3-4 Months?

Dosage equals duration. What does this mean? Many times, if we use less toxin than recommended by the product manufacturer, the results may not last the full 3-4 months. Occasionally, if your dosing is adequate but your results may not last as long as we expect, switching from one neuromodulator to another (Botox to Dysport, or vice-versa) may help.

Instructions For After Your Filler Treatment (Juvederm, Restylane, RHA)

1. Avoid Touching The Area For 6 Hours After Treatment

Manipulating the area can cause the filler to migrate outside of the intended treatment area. After 6 hours, you may gently wash the area with soap and water.

2. Swelling

You may GENTLY apply cool compresses to areas of swelling. Applying cold compresses for 20 minutes of each waking hour will help with swelling.

3. Bruising

Bruising is common after facial fillers. Bruises typically resolve in 3-14 days. If you experience bruising after treatment, oral and topical Arnica Montana or Bromelain may help expedite resolution. Arnica Montana (an extract from a flower) and Bromelain (found in pineapples) are homeopathic, and are available over-the-counter.

4. Avoid Makeup For 24 Hours

If the pigment from the makeup gets into the dermis at the injection site, this may cause tattooing of the skin.

5. Avoid Facial Aesthetic Treatments For 1 Month

This includes Hydrafacials, microneedling, laser treatments, chemical peels, and radiofrequency treatments.

6. Avoid Alcohol And Exercise For 6 Hours After Treatment

Alcohol consumption and exercise may contribute to bruising.

7. Avoid Air Travel For 2 Weeks Following Treatment

Changes in cabin pressure can contribute to complications with facial fillers, such as infection and additional bruising.

8. Cold Sores

If you have a history of cold sore formation, injections around the lips may contribute to recurrence. Discuss this with your provider if you have a history of cold sore formation.

9. Lumps And Bumps

It is not uncommon to be able to feel the filler under your skin. If you notice visible lumps or bumps immediately after your treatment, these typically resolve within 2 weeks. If you notice persistent lumps or bumps, call our office for evaluation. If you notice late-onset nodule formation, (nodules that develop at least 2 weeks after treatment) this may be a sign that your body has developed a reaction to the filler, which is uncommon. Please call our office for evaluation, as many of these are treatable.

Call immediately if you experience any of the following symptoms after your filler treatment:

  • Blanching of the skin
  • Skin discoloration (apart from minor bruising)
  • Change in your vision
  • Eye pain
  • Continued pain at the injection site

If you are concerned about anything you consider significant, please call Ballert Medical Aesthetics at 270-767-6773.

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I’ve been to Ballert Medical Aesthetics before for Botox and Juvederm with Dr. Ballert. Top quality service and professionalism. Had my very first micro needling treatment with Becky today and I could not be happier. She is professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. I’ll be back.

Any and all services. Front desk is great, Dr Ballert is such a nice doctor, and they provide many services to improve your facial care and not only help younger people with skin care, but they help ease the mature person more gently into the later years.

I enjoyed a Mother’s Day facial with my mother when I visited the area this past week. The prices for services were very reasonable and the office was brand new construction and immaculately designed. The staff was friendly and very knowledgeable.

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