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What is Daxxify?

Daxxify is the newest FDA-approved botulinum toxin product with an innovative formula that creates longer-lasting results than other neuromodulators. Like other neuromodulators, Daxxify uses botulinum toxin type A to block nerve signals and treat wrinkles. By paralyzing the muscles and preventing repeated muscle contractions or repeated movements, facial wrinkles are smoothed and unable to form. This new neurotoxin from Revance Therapeutics is made with a peptide formula, enhancing the longevity.

Who is a Candidate for Daxxify?

Adult men and women in overall good health who want to rejuvenate a more youthful appearance are candidates for Daxxify injections. This minimally invasive anti-wrinkle treatment is a great choice for patients who want longer-lasting results.

We recommend you wait to receive treatment if you have an active skin infection (including an acne breakout) or are currently pregnant or breastfeeding.

Daxxify Results & Recovery

After Daxxify treatment, minor swelling, bruising, and redness around the injection site are common but these side effects will fade within a couple of days. Avoid strenuous exercise for four hours after treatment to limit swelling and speed up your recovery.

The results of Daxxify are what make this new product so exciting. Patients see improvements in as little as 2 days and the results last an average of 6 months! In clinical trials, results lasted up to nine months for some patients.

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Any and all services. Front desk is great, Dr Ballert is such a nice doctor, and they provide many services to improve your facial care and not only help younger people with skin care, but they help ease the mature person more gently into the later years.

This office and the people are amazing! They took the time to talk with me and answer any questions about my procedure. They are very professional, knowledgeable, and kind and made sure I was comfortable throughout the whole time. The entire staff goes above and beyond to ensure your visit is a great experience! I’m so excited about my results!! Ladies, This IS the place in Paducah to go!

Dr. Ballert is the best and most genuine doctor ever! He and his staff are amazing! Very highly recommend everything Ballert Medical!

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