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When your skincare routine doesn’t seem to be pulling its weight when it comes to reducing the appearance of fine lines, pigmentation issues, and uneven skin tone, a resurfacing treatment might be the answer you are looking for. With CoolPeel Laser treatments offered at Ballert Medical Aesthetics, we can help address your skin concerns in a fast and non-surgical way, so you can finally experience the results promised to you by your skin care.

What Is CoolPeel?

CoolPeel treatments utilize a fractional ablative CO2 laser to gently remove the damaged top layers of skin, exposing and rejuvenating the underlying layers.  CoolPeel laser is unique from other forms of CO2 laser resurfacing treatments in that downtime and risk of the procedure is greatly reduced, allowing patients to get back to their regular routines sooner.

Who Is a Candidate for CoolPeel?

Those wishing to correct years of sun damage or other hyperpigmentation issues are great candidates for this procedure. Individuals with texture concerns such as enlarged pores or acne scars can also find improvement  with a CoolPeel treatment. Those wishing to undergo CoolPeel treatments should be in good overall health and maintain realistic expectations regarding the outcome of the procedure.

CoolPeel Treatment

CoolPeel treatments are ablative, meaning they create micro-injuries that stimulate the natural healing process to address your skin concerns. To begin your treatment, your provider will thoroughly cleanse your face. No anesthesia or numbing products are required during this procedure, but a numbing cream can be applied at your request for optimal comfort. Next, chilled air is directed on your face while your provider gently performs the laser resurfacing over the treatment area. The intensity of the treatment can be adjusted to best suit your skin type and aesthetic concerns.

CoolPeel Results and Recovery

Immediately following your CoolPeel treatment, you may notice redness and significant heat in the treatment area. This will fade after about a day.  The results of smoother, more even, and tighter skin will become visible about one week after treatment. With multiple treatment sessions, results can last for years. There is minimal downtime with CoolPeel treatments, and you can continue with your day as usual the following day. For the first week, your skin will feel slightly rough as the ablated skin sheds. Do not pick at or peel this skin, as this can damage the skin. Optimal results can be seen around one week after treatment.

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This office and the people are amazing! They took the time to talk with me and answer any questions about my procedure. They are very professional, knowledgeable, and kind and made sure I was comfortable throughout the whole time. The entire staff goes above and beyond to ensure your visit is a great experience! I’m so excited about my results!! Ladies, This IS the place in Paducah to go!

LOVE LOVE LOVE Alexa Payne & Dr. Ballert! Dr. Ballert is obviously the best around for aesthetics. A true perfectionist!! And Alexa is right there with him. She’s the kindest and most nurturing NP ever!

Any and all services. Front desk is great, Dr Ballert is such a nice doctor, and they provide many services to improve your facial care and not only help younger people with skin care, but they help ease the mature person more gently into the later years.

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